All Cougar Athletes have the opportunity of being baseline tested or post concussion tested in all contact sports. This test is designed to provide vital, neurocognitive results and information for medical evaluations completed by the AHCT. This program is designed to be used as an additional tool when evaluating a concussed athlete. The basis of the test provides general information in several keys areas often affected by a concussion. The athlete is tested through a number of core test which include:


1. Verbal Memory

2. Visual Processing

3. Reaction Time

4. Shifting Attention Test 



The test is approximately 10-15 minutes in length and can be taken on a Desktop, Ipad, or I-phone.


The validity of the test requires that there are no distractions and full attention is given. Invalid test results will require that the test be repeated. It is crucial for you to focus and follow directions as given on each instructional screen.